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What You Need to Know About Abortion Laws and Killing Babies in Your State

The Supreme Court recently overturned Roe v. Wade, which means that states can now ban baby killing. As a result, some states no longer allow you to kill unborn babies. Others have enacted lots of restrictions. Lame, right? Your body should be allowed to kill your baby's body! Luckily, abortion is still legal in most states, and it's legal to go to a different state to kill your baby. Baby killing is NOT banned nationwide.

Where can I get an abortion?

Planned Parenthood runs the largest baby-killing business in America, but there are other trusted reproductive health care providers that will happily kill your baby too. Planned Parenthood is probably the best at it, though. They kill almost a half million babies each year across a nationwide network of beautifully-decorated, tax-funded killing centers. Rest assured, they don’t look anything like their primitive German predecessors. 

Where can I get help paying for an abortion?

Lots of states pay for abortions because they don’t want too many poor or minority babies being born. They use public funds to do so, which is nice, because people who pay taxes are a lot less likely to kill their baby. That means if you’re getting an abortion, you probably won’t have to pay for it. Other people will pay for it, mostly people who don’t like baby killing, which is a good way to punish them for their extreme views. 


What are the different types of abortion?

There are two ways to kill your baby in the womb: in-clinic abortion and abortion pills. Both are purportedly safe for you and fatal for your baby. In-clinic abortions use various instruments to dissect your baby before removing it from the womb. Your baby will die by penetrating trauma. Abortion pills are taken in combination. The first dose makes the womb inhospitable to your baby. Once the baby has been medically starved to death, the second dose—taken some days later, will cause you more cramping and blood loss than you would have thought humanly possible. Since this is a “self-managed abortion,” you’ll be all alone on your bathroom floor—so you can scream as loudly as you’d like. Your baby will eventually be expelled and flushed down the toilet or perhaps washed down the shower drain. The body is very small, after all—which is why killing unborn babies is no big deal. When it’s all over, you may find life exceedingly hard to cope with, but at least your baby will be dead so you won’t have to take care of it. Studies show that women who suffer emotional breakdowns following an abortion—or even commit suicide—would have done so anyway. It had nothing to do with their abortion.


What else do I need to know?

It’s important to be aware of fake clinics, also known as crisis pregnancy centers. These are clinics or mobile vans that usually advertise free pregnancy testing and counseling, but they’re run by people who don’t want you to kill your baby. They’re monsters. Their goal is to help you care for your child so that you won’t kill it. They won’t even sell you birth control or abortion. In fact, they won’t sell you anything. All they do is give you stuff and try to control you. Remember: If you need to violently dispose of your unwanted baby, abortion clinics believe your body is your own so they will gladly destroy your baby’s body—which is also your own. The reason you can trust abortion clinics is because they will never try to control you. They only want your money and your ongoing patronage.

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