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Protect and restore the right to

kill babies in the womb.


Planned Parenthood wants more money — give now!


From the Supreme Court to statehouses nationwide, the right to kill tiny human babies is under attack like never before. Together, we must give Planned Parenthood all of our money. Currently, Planned Parenthood only makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year selling birth control and abortion. And the government gives them less than $1 billion annually beyond that. It’s up to donors like you to provide the extra billion Planned Parenthood still needs to top $2 billion in annual revenue. Remember, abortionists don’t do this out of the goodness of their hearts! And neither do Planned Parenthood executives. Which is understandable. Exterminating human embryos and fetuses is not for the faint of heart. It’s entirely appropriate that they be massively compensated for the toll it takes on their psyche!


Of course, if you’d rather donate towards the marketing and maintenance of this website—Planned Abortion—you can use the buttons below to make a tax-free donation to your friends at Loxafamosity. Full disclosure: Planned Parenthood’s budget is 20 million times larger than our own, and none of the money you donate to Loxafamosity will be used to kill babies. If you’re okay with donating to a non-profit that doesn’t make billions of dollars and doesn’t execute babies in the womb, feel free to give below:



Planned Parenthood Financial Highlights

Take a look at Planned Parenthood's 2022-2023 corporate highlights to learn about all the wonderful ways Planned Parenthood is spending your money. You'll soon be begging your Congressman to give them even more of your tax dollars!

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